Articles and discussion for people seeking a business-sector career

Environmental Engineering is an excellent career option in the business sector. But you don't have to take AEESP's word for it. Here are some articles from other organizations that explain the promise and benefits of an Environmental Engineering career.

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Tips for Finding a Business-Sector Job:
1. Attend career fairs at your college/university. This puts you in face-to-face contact with local companies. Write down the names of people you talk to there and follow up with them if you are interested in the company. A person contact at the company is critical.
2. Practicing communicating research/engineering ideas and solutions in the simplest terms possible. This will make it easier to convince clients/colleagues and sell your idea.
3. Seek opportunity to establish the connect with industrial committee board in the department, research center or professional association
4. Focus upon skill-sets rather than coursework completed and degrees obtained.
5. Start a business. Create your own job. Your research gives you a strong background in a rare and (hopefully) valuable skill.