Online Academic Job Application Review Program for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

The AEESP Student Services Committee is pleased to announce this year’s Academic Job Application Review Program to take place in Summer 2016. The Program will link student and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in applying for academic jobs with faculty members who will provide individualized advice to strengthen academic job applications. Approximately 100 students and postdoctoral scholars benefited from this Program over the past three years. This year’s Program will be conducted entirely online through email, phone, or teleconference correspondence. Student participants will interact with professors from different institutions to receive comments on their draft documents that comprise an application for a faculty position as well as to get perspectives on job expectations.

At this time, the Committee is opening registration to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and soliciting faculty members to serve as volunteer Reviewers. Program registration is limited to 40 participants with application packages. All interested students, postdocs, and Reviewers are asked to email the Committee ( by July 1, 2016 in order to register for the Program. Please indicate in your email if you plan on applying to research institutions or primarily undergraduate/teaching institutions as we hope to customize the reviews this year by institution type. Application packages will be due July 28, and reviews will take place during August.

See the Advice for Preparing an Academic Application Package page for tips.

Dr. Randi Brazeau, SSC Vice Chair, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dr. Philip Larese-Casanova, SSC Chair, Northeastern University
Dr. David Ladner, Clemson University
Dr. Andrea Achilli, Humboldt State University
Dr. Jennifer Benning, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Dr. Kyle Bibby, University of Pittsburgh
Mrs. Stephanie C. Bolyard, University of Central Florida
Dr. David Cwiertny, The University of Iowa
Dr. Brajesh Dubey, University of Guelph
Dr. Ramesh Goel, University of Utah
Dr. Terese Olson, University of Michigan
Dr. Andrew Ramsburg, Tufts University
Mr. Fabrizio Sabba, Notre Dame
Dr. Wenjie (Alex) Sun, University of Arizona
Dr. Andrew Whelton, University of South Alabama
Dr. David Wunder, Calvin College
Dr. Julie Zimmerman, Yale University