Welcome to the AEESP Wiki Website Developed for Students!

Thank you for visiting. The primary audience of this site is persons seeking or considering to seek masters and doctoral degrees in environmental engineering and science programs. Professors and other practioners may also find this site useful in educating people who wish to consider and/or return to graduate school.

This website was developed with the efforts of and is being maintaing by the Students Services Committee (SSC) of AEESP. The mission of SSC and this website is to provide current and prospective students in environmental engineering or science information regarding professional development and post-graduation employment. SSC's activities and products are documented on this website and include:

1. Biannual organization of the Academic Job Search Workshop for students and postdocs - REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2017 WORKSHOP.

2. Compiling and sharing a list of resources related to:

3. Organizing an academic job application review program to aid applicants in preparing their application packages.

4. Initiating the AEESP Facebook , AEESP LinkedIN and Environmental Engineering and Science Students LinkedIN pages. [Please note that SSC has started these sites but does not have the resources to maintain them regularly.]

Item 2 above was primarily put together by students that we have worked with in the past. We are always looking for input from environmental engineering and science community and welcome all to join our wiki. If you are an AEESP member, please also consider joining SSC.

More information about the SSC can be found on the SSC web page.

AEESP Student Services Committee (SSC)

The Student Services Committee is a part of the Association for Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP). Questions? Contact us at