This "wiki work" has a few goals:
  • to help you think ahead and get the most out of the workshop,
  • to help our panelists know the kinds of things you're interested in learning,
  • and to help you network with other students/postdocs.

Please do the following to complete your wiki work.

(1) Register with Wikispaces and request membership in this Environmental EngineeringScience wiki

Participation requires editing the content of this wiki site. To do that you will register with Wikispaces then you will request to become a member of the EnvironmentalEngineeringScience wiki. Simply click the "join" button at the top right and follow the instructions. Your request will be approved by one of the wiki moderators.

Once you are signed in as a participant, an "edit" button will be available on this page. Click that and continue with the rest of the items below. If you have any difficulties, please contact Stephanie Bolyard at For more advanced use of this Wiki including how to get notifications on changes, please visit this page.

(2) Add your name to the participants list and create your profile page

Student/Postdoc participants should add their name to the list below. Then create a profile page with a photo, brief bio, and a link to any other relevant pages. A simple way to create a page is to highlight your name (after you add it to the list) and click "link", select "add link", click on "name" in the box that will appear (warning a new page will open), and finally select edit to begin creating your page. Feel free to make your page be whatever you want it to be, and link it to any other pages/sites you have. As with any on-line resource, be cautious about sharing personal information; try and keep it professional.