Navigating the Academic Job Search: A Workshop for Graduate Students, Post-doctoral Researchers, and Practitioners

A Service of the AEESP Student Services Committee

AEESP 2011 Conference, Tampa, FL
Sunday July 10, 2011, 0900-1200

The AEESP Student Services Committee is sponsoring the 2011 Navigating the Academic Job Search Workshop to be held July 2011 concurrent with the AEESP Biannual conference (Tampa, FL). A similar workshop in 2009 was a smashing success and heavily attended by students and postdoctoral researchers seeking faculty appointments. Past participants received advice from New Faculty Hires, Department Chairs, and seasoned Professors regarding their specific faculty application materials, the search process, as well as job search, interview, negotiation procedures and timelines. The 2011 workshop will provide participants many of the same benefits and more! Individuals seeking a faculty appointment in an Environmental Engineering or Science Department will greatly benefit from attending this event.

Download the academic workshop 2-page flyer here:

The workshop agenda is included on that flyer, or here.

NEW NEW NEW: Slides that were presented during the workshop by Andy Whelton, David Ladner, and Shelie Miller are available here.

IMPORTANT: Required Participation for Workshop Attendees

As part of the workshop we want to hear what you think will help you be successful in an academic career. If you are an attendee, visit the Ideas for New Faculty Members page and answer the questions listed there. This requires joining the wiki as a participant, as instructed on that page. All workshop attendees are required to submit at least one piece of information for each of the sections; this will help you think of new ideas and see what others have to offer.

Panel of Department Chair and Search Chairs

Nancy Love, University of Michigan, Prof. & Dept. Chair
Charlie Werth, University of Illinois, Search Chair, Prof.
Tom DiStefano, Bucknell University, Search Chair, Assoc. Prof.

Faculty Volunteers for Reviewing Application Packages

(We are currently recruiting faculty volunteers to work with workshop participants during the small group session. Please contact Dr. David Ladner ( if you are interested in volunteering.)

Volunteers for review of packages during the workshop:
Andrew Whelton, University of South Alabama
Qilin Li, Rice University
Defne Apul, University of Toledo
Andrew Ramsburg, Tufts University
David Ladner, Clemson University
Upal Ghosh, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Claudia Gunsch, Duke University
Phil Larese-Casanova, Northeastern University
Daniel Cohan, Rice University
Shankar Chellam, University of Houston
Ramesh Goel, University of Utah
Keri Hornbuckle, University of Iowa
Amy Pruden, Virginia Tech
David Cwiertny, University of California Riverside
Andrea Ferro, Clarkson University
Jim Englehardt, University of Miami

Volunteers for electronic review of packages:
Kimberly Jones, Howard University

Workshop Student and Postdoc Attendees

Full list of attendees will be posted after July 1, 2011. Below is a list of pre-registered participants.

1. Sherri M. Cook, University of Michigan
2. Danmeng Shuai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3. Michael MacCarthy, University of South Florida
4. Heather Wright Wendel, University of South Florida
5. Kaitlin Mallouk, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6. Ryan Schweitzer, University of South Florida
7. Phil Gidley, University of Maryland Baltimore County
8. Stephanie C. Bolyard, University of Central Florida
9. Nathan Howell, University of Houston
10. Wenjie Sun, University of Arizona
11. Randi Lieberman, Virginia Tech
12. José M. Cerrato, Washington University
13. Wendell O Khunjar, Columbia University
14. Erica R. McKenzie, University of California Davis
15. Barbara Beckingham, University of Maryland Baltimore County
16. Matthew Hotze, Carnegie Mellon University
17. Jessica Furrer Chau, University of Connecticut
18. Douglas Call, Penn State University
19. Ana Lucia Prieto, University of South Florida
20. Kyle Bibby, Yale University
21. Lauren Crandell, Princeton University
22. Patrick McNamara, University of Minnesota
23. Poornima Natarajan, University of Maryland College Park
24. Wonjae Chang, McGill University
25. Jeremy Bril, The University of Iowa
26. Ryan M. Holzem, Duke University
27. Andrea Rocha, University of South Florida
28. Jim Levis, North Carolina State University